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Lee Monk


Lee Monk

Working to Get You What You Want

Lee Monk has been helping buyers and sellers since 2000. She consistently ranks in the top producers' category. Hard work and determination got her there and will ensure that you get all the help you need to find a new home or sell a current home.


Success in real estate takes a certain skill-set plus a combination of character and personality traits to get it right. Lee Monk has in-depth experience in real estate sales and interior design plus marketing and communications. In all these areas, she believes that customer service - getting people what they want - is the most important factor. And it helps tremendously that she is warm and friendly, but always professional. Someone clients can - and do - trust.


Lee Monk knows Columbia. She's lived here all her life. She married and raised her children here and understands how important a satisfying neighborhood life is to everyone - singles and families.

Your Team of Professionals

Lee's knowledge of the market and her professional marketing skills, coupled with her determination to succeed and capacity for hard work, will be an invaluable resource in getting you what you want -- and making sure the process goes smoothly.


It takes a team of professionals to make the home buying process work. You can count on Lee Monk for recommendations for closing attorneys, lenders, inspectors, HVAC professionals, termite companies, electricians, plumbers, painters, contractors, interior designers, landscapers, cleaning services, etc. She has worked with the same folks for years. And she will be there to help, saving you time and money.

This one on Atascadero sold in two hours!  One in Village Pond sold in two days! If you need it sold quickly, call Lee Monk direct at 803-513-9353.

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